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World Machine Professional v2.2

Machine Professional v2.2
World Machine Professional v2.2
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World Machine 2 adalah solusi pembuat medan bagi para seniman, developer game, studio efek visual dan visualisasi profesional lainnya.

World Machine Original berkembang menjadi sebuah aplikasi yang sangat populer untuk pembuatan pemandangan dan fitur geologi yang realistis. World Machine 2 dibangun berdasarkan pendahulunya dan memperkenalkan satu set besar alat baru untuk meningkatkan cara Anda membuat dan mentekstur daerah Anda.

For Nature, it takes millions of years. For you, seconds.
World Machine begins as a blank canvas. Onto this canvas you drop devices which define terrain actions and connect them into a network. This network defines whether your land looks like terraced canyons, rugged eroded mountains, or barren moonscapes. The possibilities are endless.

Endless Worlds at your Fingertips
Once you've begun building your network you can get a look around in several different views. Enter explorer mode and drop into a first-person view of your world, extending infinitely in all directions, never repeating exactly.

Don't like Nature? Excavate it!
When you find an area within your world that looks good, you more than likely want to make some custom changes... Make that mountain taller, add a river over there. This is all accomplished in layout mode which lets you draw in custom shapes and apply masks where you want them to your terrain effects.

I've made my world, now what?
Once you've crafted your world, it's ready to build at a high resolution and export for you to use in the 3D rendering software of your choice. World Machine also offers advanced tools to create sophisticated texture maps based upon the erosion and other details of your terrain. This provides a great way to get basic groundcover texture into your application.

World Machine Professional 
v2.2World Machine Professional 
v2.2World Machine Professional

Professional Edition: An Overview The original World Machine found a home with both the Game Development industry and serious artists. Now for the first time, an edition of World Machine is available that has features specifically targeted to be most useful to those in a professional environment.

All of the Professional Edition features have been highly requested by those in the Game and Visualization industries, and implemented with their feedback. All of these features are designed for a single purpose: to save content creators massive amounts of time. Be it by reducing the wait times caused by terrain builds, or by automating the incredibly labor-intensive process of dealing with multiple terrain tiles.

In addition, the Professional Edition is available in an unlimited site-license form to simplify license management and eliminate per-seat licensing worries.

Professional Edition Features:
• Tiled Terrain for vast extents and incredible detail
• Massively Multithreaded Architecture
• 64bit Support

What's New in v2.2
OS: Windows XP/Vista
Language: english


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